Our Management Team

Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes currently serves as the President of SphereWMS, a position he assumed after a robust tenure within the company, including roles as Director of Operations, Manager of Implementation, and Customer Success Manager. 
Joining SphereWMS in 2017, Chris quickly demonstrated his expertise and leadership in logistics and operations. His extensive background in the logistics and packaging industry, paired with his acumen in operations management, process improvement, efficiency enhancement, and customer relations, has played a crucial role in propelling SphereWMS forward. Under his leadership, the company continues to excel in providing innovative warehouse management solutions, emphasizing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Chris’s commitment to excellence and his deep understanding of the intricacies of warehouse management make him a pivotal figure in the industry and a valued leader at SphereWMS.

Rose Lackenmier

Head of Product Development

Rose Lackenmier joined SphereWMS in 2021, bringing with her a formidable track record in guiding IT operations, leading specialized teams, and driving strategic development initiatives. Her extensive experience and profound knowledge in application management have made her an indispensable part of the company, significantly enhancing product development processes.

An acknowledged application guru, Rose has an impressive background marked by success in the industry. Her expertise is not only in managing and optimizing IT operations but also in her exceptional ability to lead and innovate. She has been instrumental in application rationalization projects and managing million-dollar development programs that have consistently delivered value and innovation. Rose’s strategic vision is focused on leveraging technology to solve complex problems, enhance user experience, and drive business growth.

Dayveian Lopez

Chief Technology Officer

Since joining SphereWMS in July 2000 as the lead programmer, Dayveian Lopez has been influential in shaping the company’s technological trajectory. His deep understanding of software development and visionary leadership quickly propelled him through the ranks. In 2003 he was promoted to Director of Technology and in 2006 he assumed the role of Director of Professional Services. In 2010, Dayveian was promoted to Vice President of Operations.

Dayveian’s journey took a more focused turn towards technology when he was appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2015. As CTO, he has been primarily responsible for spearheading the development of the next generation of SphereWMS’s platform, integrating cutting-edge technologies and introducing innovative features that are set to redefine warehouse management systems. 

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