E-Commerce Integration

E-Commerce Integration

Your clients use a wide range of e-commerce channels to increase their revenue and grow their businesses. Manually processing the orders from these sites is a cumbersome and frustrating process. SphereWMS provides you with options for e-commerce integration with top e-commerce sites and online shopping carts for a seamless and fast experience.

How Does E-Commerce Integration Work

When a customer buys an item through an e-commerce channel, SphereWMS downloads these orders on a regular schedule. You can set this interval as small as five minutes or pull it once per day, depending on your needs.

SphereWMS allocates the inventory to the order, provides picking instructions, and generates the shipping label. The original order on the e-commerce site is automatically updated with all of the tracking information. Your inventory levels are also synced to the e-commerce site frequently, so you have an accurate representation of product availability.

With so much of this process automated, you can turn your time and resources to other important aspects of warehouse management. You also increase your capacity for handling new clients, allowing you to expand your operations through efficient order processing and fulfillment.

SphereWMS E-Commerce integrations include 3dcartAbanteCartBigCommercecscartCubeCartecwidMagentoNopCommerceOpenCartOsCommercePrestaShopShopifyShopSiteSquareTomatoCartVirtueMartVolusionWooCommerceXCartZenCart, and more.

Supported Shopping Carts and Marketplaces:

Don't see your preferred shopping cart or e-commerce channel on this list?

Contact us to see if we can add support. We handle these requests on a case-by-case basis.

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