Warehouse Receiving & Put Away

Receipt Processing

SphereWMS streamlines receipt processing, integrating essential tasks like Advance Receipt Notice (ARN) Handling, Web-based Supplier Advance Ship Notice (ASN) Entry, and Put Away Entry/Edit into one cohesive system. By streamlining communication with suppliers and facilitating quick and error-free data entry, SphereWMS makes receipt processing efficient and effective. From label printing to automated email notifications, every aspect is designed to simplify your workflow, enhance accuracy, and provide full visibility into receipt status and details, keeping your warehouse receiving and put-away operations in perfect harmony.

Automated Receiving

SphereWMS’s automated receiving feature uses advanced data capture technologies such as barcode scanning and RF to eliminate manual data entry, significantly reducing the chance of human error. This leads to faster warehouse receiving processes, improved accuracy in inventory management, and ultimately enhances the efficiency of the entire warehouse operations.

Serialized Receiving

SphereWMS’s serialized receiving feature offers granular inventory control, tracking individual items based on serial numbers. This leads to precise inventory counts and enables complete traceability of each item, from the point of receipt to final dispatch. It also supports efficient warranty management, product recalls, and returns, enhancing customer service and compliance.

Pallet Receiving

The pallet-level handling feature in SphereWMS streamlines the receiving and put-away process. When goods are received at a pallet level, the system enables you to trace each pallet to its exact storage location. This not only expedites the put-away process but also ensures swift retrieval of goods during order fulfillment, optimizing warehouse space utilization.

Lot Control

SphereWMS’s lot control feature enables you to track products grouped in lots, enhancing traceability and inventory accuracy. With this feature, you can monitor the movement of goods in your warehouse based on lot numbers, expiry date tracking, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Discrepancy Reporting

With SphereWMS, discrepancies between received and expected goods are quickly identified and reported. This feature facilitates faster resolution of issues, maintains supplier accountability, minimizes loss, and ensures accurate inventory levels, supporting efficient purchasing and accounting practices.

Value-Added Services

SphereWMS allows you to log and track value-added services performed on received goods. Whether it’s kitting, repackaging, or labeling, these services are tracked for precise costing and billing. This feature enhances transparency and accuracy in client invoicing and contributes to profitability.

Workflow Customization

SphereWMS offers customizable workflows that cater to your unique operational needs. You can tailor your receiving processes, from dock door assignments to put-away strategies, ensuring maximum efficiency. This feature allows you to adapt the WMS to your business instead of adapting your business to the WMS.

Damaged Goods Management

SphereWMS allows for efficient handling and recording of damaged goods received. It automates the creation of damage reports, streamlines the claims process with vendors, and ensures accurate adjustments in inventory records. This helps in maintaining accurate inventory data, reduces financial losses, and enhances supplier accountability.

Over, Short, and Damaged Reports

SphereWMS facilitates the generation of accurate Over, Short, and Damaged (OS&D) reports. The system allows you to identify discrepancies, damaged goods, and short deliveries quickly for efficient resolution. This ensures accurate inventory records, reduces losses, and improves supplier management.

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